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References and opinions of our clients

Some sites before and after works

Pictures speak better than words. See the moisture problems we have encountered on our sites,
and the tailor-made solutions that were applied. The result is clean and crisp. You have a space
to arrange according to your wishes, and not necessarily a cellar, because the ground floors are often victims of rising damp problems.

They trusted us

Opinion of Mr Bruno D.

Positive aspects : Punctuality, Professionalism, Reactivity
Punctuality, Professionalism, ResponsivenessThey respond quickly and efficiently to requests. They respect the schedule and before the work, they come to review the site beforehand to prepare it. The work is done on time and with quality. This is the second time I have called on them for humidity problems, which are not always easy to solve and it was a success the first time. I therefore did not hesitate to use them again for this second work (creation of casing in the cellars). I can only recommend them.

Bruno D.

Opinion of Mr. Benoit L.

Very good contact, very good service, always attentive and responsive, a real pleasure. Quality service and lower prices than the competition. For now Hydrotec has come to strip my walls. Appointment made in September for cementing and replastering. My neighbors also called on them and were delighted. To recommend.

Benoit L.

Opinion of Mr. Christophe D.

We called on Hydrotec to treat dry rot in a building we had just purchased. After the shock of this discovery, knowing that there are a lot of charlatans in this area, we were really on our guard. Call on Friday late afternoon, on Saturday morning the delegate was there and on Monday we received the quote. Very reasonable price and time to complete the work. In the satisfaction questionnaires, in principle I never tick “very good” because we can always improve but there I only ticked that: telephone reception, response time, listening to the customer, quality of contact with the delegate , clarity of his explanations (I assure you when you have dry rot at home it is very important), deadline for receipt of the estimate, deadline for implementation of the site, organization of the site, respect of the execution deadlines, quality of the work, cleanliness of the site, contact with the workers, everything was in the “very good” column. We will recommend Hydrotec without hesitation! 5 stars for Hydrotec!

Christopher D.

Opinion of Mr Pietro P.

Good morning all ! and READ ME COMPLETELY …thanks! The HYDROTEC company is 100% Serious and Professional from an estimate to the end of the operations; my damp cellar has been retyped with waterproof ceilings, a VERITABLE LIFTING sandblasting of its walls has given it character, a superb waterproof belt has isolated the walls of my home from terribly damp soil (imagine the wet biscuit in a coffee!) This what killed us was the preparation of the site before the work and the super-mega cleaning of the site afterwards…my ugly cellar has become a place…of life, I would say. The team is polite, clearly explains the why of things, listens to you attentively, respects their exposure time, works to the point that we respect them strongly and that we can not help but offer them coffee and refreshments at their pose. Missing out on this firm is the biggest thing you can do. Thanks for reading me completely! I wrote the truth you know! I greet you cordially! Signed: a resident of Carnières 🙂
Pietro P

Opinion of Mr Damien G.

Professional service from the visit to the construction site for the estimate until the end. Good analysis of the situation, the problem and the solutions to be put in place.

Damien G.

Opinion of Mr. Robert Golenvaux

I called on Hydrotec for water infiltration problems in a cellar. The proposed solution (installation of a drainage channel and a cellar drain pump) solved the problem. The work was carried out on time, impeccably and a technical solution was found with the site manager while remaining within the initial estimate. I am very happy with their services.

Robert G.

Opinion of Mrs. Claudine Henrion

Positive aspects: Punctuality, Professionalism, Quality, Value for money, Responsiveness
Very efficient company in the treatment of moisture and humidity. 30 years ago, they intervened in my new home for a moisture problem in the cellars, the contractor who had built had simply forgotten to put the drains. Since then, there has never been a problem again. I have recommended them many times and each time, the people are very satisfied from all points of view: estimate drawn up by a professional, respect for the response time, quality of work by competent workers, result as it is. is promised, site cleanliness. I can only continue to recommend them.

Claudine H.

Opinion of Mr. Fabien Thielemans

Positive aspects: Punctuality, Quality, Value for money, Responsiveness
I chose Hydrotec among the 3 companies that made me an offer. They convinced me with their clear, coherent and precise answers to the questions asked. They don’t promise the impossible. The quote is clear and detailed. Their price was also the most competitive. I was able to be inserted following a withdrawal. I had to leave early that day … the team showed up on time. If it could still happen like that in the building sector … 🙂 I will get back in touch with them for a 2nd phase of sanitation.

Fabien T.

Opinion of Mr. Dominique Alexis

Positive aspects: Punctuality, Professionalism, Quality, Value for money, Responsiveness
I called on Hydrotec to block rising humidity on different walls in my house. I am delighted with the teams, always on time, the work is neat and well coordinated by the boss who manages the schedules efficiently. The work has been done very professionally and it appears to be working. If I had any other work of this kind to do, I would use this company again.

Dominique A.

Opinion of Mr. Sylvain B.

Positive aspects: Punctuality, Professionalism, Value for money, Responsiveness
I called on Hydrotec for two jobs in the renovation of my house:
– Dampcourse treatment of all the walls of the house
– Realization of a waterproof cementation on a buried wall
Contact with the company is easy, they are very responsive and always available. The explanations provided during the site visit are complete and seem to me to have been in good faith. Then, the contact remains maintained until the completion of the work. Very punctual. As for the efficiency of the work, I will only be able to give an opinion in a short time. With a 30 year warranty on the works, I can only imagine it works to its full potential.

Sylvain B