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Targeted treatments against dampness

Treatment of rising damp

Dampness rising from the ground degrades the walls of your cellar or your ground floor: the paints peel off, the ceilings crumble, a deposit of salt is apparent …

Treatment of rising damp

Treatment of humid cellars and casings

The walls of your cellars get wet by contact with the soil. Moisture and salts degrade them slowly …

Treatment of humid cellars

Condensation and mold treatment

Are stains invading your walls behind furniture, in corners or around windows? This is undoubtedly mold caused by condensation problems …

Condensation and mold treatment

Elimination of
dry rot

A real calamity for your home, dry rot is a fungus that thrives in the presence of moisture and cellulosic material (generally untreated wood, cardboard, etc.)

Elimination of dry rot

Cleaning and waterproofing

Your facades are deteriorating due to rain and pollution.
The solution ? Our adapted cleaning accompanied by a water repellent treatment against humidity and driving rain…


Treatment of timber – Wood insects

Old timber frames and woodwork are often the prey of wood-boring insects.
Hydrotec offers a complete curative treatment of timber by applying an insecticide / fungicide product to the wood.

Treatment of timber

Waterproofing of concrete structures

Injecting a sealant into concrete joints is a recognized technique for making a wall or floor resistant to water infiltration.

Waterproofing of concrete structures

Sealing of cisterns and basins

Whether it is for the recovery of rainwater, the approval of an outdoor fountain, a swimming pool or the need to create a water reserve for the use of firefighters, it is essential to ensure the correct waterproofing of all these works.

Sealing of cisterns

Sealing of cisterns and basins

Thanks to the application of Egaline HY, soils are protected from moisture and saltpeter. They then have a beautiful light gray, smooth and uniform appearance that you can either leave as is, paint or varnish.

Sealing of cisterns and basins

Why choose us ?

Since 1988, Hydrotec has been providing solutions to your moisture, dry rot, ventilation and building insulation problems. The company works for both private clients and the public sector. In addition to many private clients, architects, municipalities, institutions such as the Housing Fund regularly place their trust in us.

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At your service

Hydrotec is a dynamic team at your service.
Our employees are trained in drying techniques and specific treatments within the company.

A question ? Our advisers provide personalized support for the remediation and improvement of your buildings.

An ethical approach

We attach particular importance to the accuracy of the diagnosis and the quality of our services.

A satisfied customer is our best ambassador.

After each site carried out by Hydrotec, the customer receives a form which allows him to give his opinion or to indicate a point to be improved.

Health and environment

Hydrotec is committed to sustainable development.

Over the years, it has developed effective eco-responsible treatments.

We attach great importance to the health of residents and workers. We attach great importance to the health of residents and workers.