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Waterproofing of concrete structures

To prevent water infiltration in reinforced concrete constructions

When the walls against the ground are reinforced concrete walls (here we are talking about underground car parks, basements of large buildings), the injection of a sealant into the joints of the concrete is a recognized technique making it possible to render a wall or floor resistant to water infiltration.

An existing degraded structure can thus be repaired quickly and in a localized manner without risk of damage. This method is ideal for repairing concrete walls or concrete floors with cracks and groundwater infiltration.

Where ?

  • In underground car parks
  • Any room fitted out in the basement, the walls and floor of which are made of reinforced concrete


  • Damp cellar walls and floors.
  • Crumbling of paints or coatings
  • Water infiltration
  • Unpleasant odors, mold and fungus developing on stored items
  • Ambient humidity too high in basements.

Why do it ?

  • Avoid having to waste the use of an existing space by sealing it in a durable way.
  • N.B .: Injecting PU resins into concrete is completely harmless to occupants and workers: we only use products without phthalates or solvents.

The Processing steps of the treatment of reinforced concrete structures


Infiltration detection


Drilling and insertion of injectors


Preparation of PU resin


Injection of the PU resin between the slab and the vertical wall


Injection of the PU resin into the cracks


Application of chamfer and water repellent coating