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Waterproofing and finishing of floors (wet or dry)

Repair, treatment and finishing of floors with Egaline-HY

This product kills two birds with one stone: it waterproofs the floor while making it smooth, very resistant, aesthetic and easily washable.

Where ?

  • In cellars, garages, workshops, laundry rooms but also in living rooms …
  • In all rooms where you want a smooth and easy to maintain floor surface.


  • Either the cellar floors are wet, they are disintegrating, there are efflorescence
  • Either you want to make a garage floor or any other room perfectly clean and smooth in a single operation, without tiling.

Why do it ?

Thanks to the application of Egaline HY, soils are protected from moisture and saltpeter. They then have a beautiful light gray, smooth and uniform appearance that you can either leave as is, paint or varnish. This product can therefore be applied in the cellar but also in a living room or a carport.

Processing steps of waterproofing treatment and floor finishing


Preparation of the support

by stripping or sandblasting


Repair of irregularities


Application of the bond layer



Application of Egaline HY


Natural final appearance

(light grey)


Final appearance with acrylic paint