Hydrotec since 1988
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Good morning all ! and READ ME COMPLETELY …thanks! The HYDROTEC company is 100% Serious and Professional from an estimate to the end of the operations; my damp cellar has been retyped with waterproof ceilings, a VERITABLE LIFTING sandblasting of its walls has given it character, a superb waterproof belt has isolated the walls of my home from terribly damp soil (imagine the wet biscuit in a coffee!) This what killed us was the preparation of the site before the work and the super-mega cleaning of the site afterwards…my ugly cellar has become a place…of life, I would say. The team is polite, clearly explains the why of things, listens to you attentively, respects their exposure time, works to the point that we respect them strongly and that we can not help but offer them coffee and refreshments at their pose. Missing out on this firm is the biggest thing you can do. Thanks for reading me completely! I wrote the truth you know! I greet you cordially! Signed: a resident of Carnières 🙂
Pietro P