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Demossing and treatment of industrial roofs


Roofing maintenance by our services is an excellent economic alternative to a new roof, increasing the watertight properties.

The treatment is carried out in 4 stages:
1. Sheeting


Protection of the façades and green areas by tarpaulins during the roofing cleaning phase

2. Cleaning

Thanks to our experience, we can use a cleaning process specific to each type of cladding, to eliminate mosses, algae, lichen and fungi without altering the materials.



3. Spraying

To guarantee optimal results, we spray a fungicide, algicide, mycoside concentrated with immediate action.

Maintenance of industrial roofs
4. Water-proofing

To restore the original appearance and properties of your roof, we spray two successive coats of 0.5 kg of coloured acrylic-resin based lacquer per m2. Several colours adapted to town-planning standards are available.
Product utilised: Roofcryl color







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