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Mould in corners of rooms

MOULD is a generic term designating several fungi the spores of which are present in the air. It often appears in the form of green, brown or black spot on the walls. These spots appear in the corners of rooms, poorly ventilated bathrooms, around windows or in places where the walls and ceilings are poorly insulated (or not at all), i.e., cold.

Mould is almost always linked to condensation.
Long term, condensation and the mould with which it is associated may have harmful effects on the interior environment of the rooms and cause asthma and allergies.



The commonest causes of the appearance of condensation and mould are:

- Production of excessive humidity inside the house (kitchen, bath room, bed room)
- Non-existent or ineffective ventilation of the rooms
- Insufficient insulation in a ceiling or wall
- Ambient temperature too low


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RADON is a radioactive, colourless and odourless gas.
Radon occurs in nature, in all soils and rocks, but the concentration may vary in quantity depending on the type of rock. In high concentrations, it may harmful to health.
Continuous aeration of the dwelling provides effective protection against the harmful effects of radon. Ventilation of the dwelling by opening the windows is only temporary, and it is considered that 30 minutes after the windows are closed the radon concentration returns to the same level.

Treatment of condensation, mould and radon in a room: : IMV/CAC

Condensation and mould : IMV

If condensation and mould persist in the house despite the application of basic precautions cited above, the installation of Invasive Mechanical Ventilation (IMV) or Central Air Conditioning (CAC) usually solves the problem.

In the presence of high concentrations of radon, the use of IMV will dilute the radon concentration by increasing the air exchange rate.

IMV ensures a continuous but moderate aeration of the house, eliminating water vapour and stagnating gases.

The constant insufflation of slightly preheated air economises on heating, sometimes cutting heating bills by up to 15%

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For the treatment of condensation and mould in living rooms or areas: Ruby Dry house dryer

Absorption technology. That's the secret of the Ruby Dry which functiond everywhere, even at low teperature. Its aestheticism is trendy, and its control panel, just effective.


Ideal for living rooms ( bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom.... ) it enables mist on the windows, fungus and mildew to be eliminated.

It's the new generation of ecological dehumidifier (no compressor, no noxious gasses).


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Ruby dry dehumidifier


For the treatment of condensation and mould in individual rooms or areas: Dantherm CD 400-18 dehumidifier

Condensation and mould : deshumidifier Dantherm DC 400-18  

If you only need to control the humidity of the air in a single room, it is preferable to use a condensation dehumidifier. The dehumidifier extracts moisture from the ambient air, ensuring a healthy atmosphere in rooms affected by condensation and mould.

The Dantherm CD 400-18 dehumidifier for home use is the ideal solution for the dehumidification of rooms up to 90 m³.


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