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Ruby Dry house dryer

Absorption technology. That's the secret of the Ruby Dry which functiond everywhere, even at low teperature. Its aestheticism is trendy, and its control panel, just effective.


Ideal for living rooms ( bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom.... ) it enables mist on the windows, fungus and mildew to be eliminated.

It's the new generation of ecological dehumidifier (no compressor, no noxious gasses).


Price: 350 € including VAT



Operating mode

Its very simple. The cooler moist air is drawn in through the air intake filters and is readily adsorbed within a slowly rotating silica based disc that is constructed similar to a honeycomb.


Operation  Ruby Dry





The Ruby Dry house dryer is a functional-design, compact home deshmidifier.

- High performance even at low temperature

- Economies of energy (returns dry air with an increase of temperature of up to 12°C)

- Silence in operation

- Simplicity ant lightness

- Respect of your environment (silicagel)

- Purifies the ambient air (double active carbon filter)





Data sheet

 Ruby Dry DH600
Rated dehumidification capacity at 20°C and 80%HR 5,5L/day
Rated dehumidification capacity at 20°C and 60%HR 5,5L/day
Power source 1 x 230 V
Power consumption 435W/h
Drainage water tank capacity 5L
Working noise level 29-45 dB
Product weight
7 Kgs
Product dimensions HxDxW 545x430x200mm



Please see Ruby Dry data sheet in pdf.








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