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To obtain dry and healthy ambient air in a room, there are two solutions.

The method most commonly used consists of opening the windows to evacuate the heated, but moist, air towards the exterior. The second method, which is more economical, consists of using a condensation air dehumidifier.
A dehumidifier recovers moisture from the ambient air while retaining the heat inside the house.
It obtains a healthy atmosphere which also protects your house and furniture from humidity.


Dehumidifier DC 400-18

The Dantherm CD 400-18 dehumidifier for home use is a small portable dehumidifier for secondary dwellings and residences.

It is an effective response to the problems of moist air (mould-condensation) in areas up to 90m³.

Its dehumidification capacity can attain 18l/24h according to the temperature and degree of humidity.


Price: 380€ including VAT


Dehumidifier operating modes

The Dantherm CD 400-18 dehumidifier functions depending on the principle of refrigeration condensation.
A ventilator aspirates the ambient air and directs it onto the evaporator.

The air temperature is cooled, after which the condensed water vapour is collected in the built-in water tank.

The air, which is now dry, then passes over the condenser where it is reheated before being reintroduced into the room.

After transiting the dehumidifier, the air temperature is approximately 4°C higher.



The Dantherm CD 400-18 dehumidifier is a functional-design, compact home dehumidifier.

Equipped with a digital control panel, it permits different modes of operation:
- automatic: automatic shutdown at 60% HR
- continuous: continuous functioning for 2.4 or 8 H
- clothes drying: additional air flow for rapid clothes drying
- air cleaning and purification

Light-weight, it is also easy to transport thanks to its integrated handle.


Data sheet


 Dantherm CD 400-18


1 x 220 V

Electrical supply

1x230/50 V/Hz

Maximum intensity of consumption

1.8 A

Maximum power consumption

0.340 kW

Air flow

180 m³/h


R 134 a

Capacity at 30 °C and 80 % HR

18 l /24 h

Capacity at 20°C and 60 % HR

7 l/24 h

Temperature range

5 - 35 °C

Humidity range

50 - 100 %


13 kg

Tank capacity

4.5 L

Dimensions: L x P x H

380 x 225 x 575 mm

Acoustic level (at 1m)

48 db(A)


Please see Dantherm CD 400-18 data sheet in pdf.










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